Lazaros Pandos was born on 28 December 1952. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Art (1976-1979), and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in London (1979-1981). Between 1981 and 1982 he taught painting at the Young Men’s Christian Association – YMCA of Thessaloniki. Between 1985 and 1986 he worked in the studio of Yannis Tsarouchis. He designed and decorated Avaton of Halkidiki in 1993.

Lazaros Pandos’ art shows his concern for the male human form, whether portrait or full-bodied. During the 1980s he was attracted by the Renaissance and Orientalist artists, as well as by Caravaggio. Subsequently, he turned to the so-called Fayoum Portraits, making faithful reproductions of them over a period of three years. He used the Fayoum technique to make his own series of contemporary personages.

Lazaros Pandos received many personal exhibitions at Kreonidis Gallery of Athens in 1982; Kohlias Gallery of Thessaloniki in 1983; Portraits of Professors at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1984; Municipal Art Gallery of Molyvos on Mitilini Island in 1999; Rarity Gallery on Mykonos Island in 1999; Art Club of Thessaloniki 1999; Portraits from the Cinema at Art Club of Thessaloniki in 2000; Anno Domini of Thessaloniki in 2001; Epsilon Gallery of Thessaloniki in 2002; Art and Soul Gallery on Patmos Island in 2004; Geni Tzami: Old Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki in 2005; and Art and Soul Gallery in 2005. Pandos also took part in two group exhibitions: Diagonios Gallery of Thessaloniki 1975-1976; Post-War Painters of Thessaloniki at the French Institute of Thessaloniki in 1978. Aside of exhibitions, Pandos illustrated many book for Zitros Editions, including Odysseus Elytis’ Ancient Knowledge of 2001; Homer’s Iliad of 2004; Sophocles’ Tragedies of 2005; and The Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas of 2006.

Lazaros Pandos currently lives and works in Thessaloniki.


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