World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay draws nude protesters |

Adorned with helmets and very little else, about 70 cyclists rode “as bare as they dared” in the Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay.

As usual, clothing was optional for the 12th annual ride which covered the two kilometre scenic route from Port Tarakohe to Pohara on Saturday.

The World Naked Bike Ride, which has been running since 2004, is hailed the “biggest naked protest in the world.”

The global grassroots event is aimed at raising awareness of cycling as an important alternative to motorised vehicles and the “urgent need” to reduce oil dependency and traffic pollution all around the world.

It also highlights the vulnerability cyclists face on roads around the world.

Golden Bay residents turned up for the naked ride but were joined by participants from outside the area as well.

First-timer Robert from Wellington said riding naked in support of cycling had always been on his bucket list. Mud-covered Benjamin from Germany who came to connect to mother earth and get “primal”.

This year’s organiser was controversial naturist from Lower Hutt Nick Lowe who is well-known for cycling around the country wearing nothing but a g-string.

In 2009, a woman motorist complained after seeing him cycling naked in Upper Hutt on World Nude Bike Day.

He was charged and convicted with disorderly behaviour for riding in the buff, but appealed it as far as the High Court, where he won.

Lowe has organised two previous World Naked Bike Ride events in the Hawke’s Bay, however this was his first time organising one in Golden Bay.

While staying at the “clothing-optional” Gazebo backpackers in Takaka recently, he heard the Golden Bay ride would not be on this year because long-term organiser, Victoria Davis, had stepped aside.

“I put my hand up to do it because I cycle all the time naked,” Howe said. “This is largely about oil dependency, that’s what the event is about. I personally just really love riding naked.”

Despite 12 Naked Bike Rides cyclists in Golden Bay are still waiting for the Tasman District Council to provide safe cycling options.

Victoria Davis, long-time cycle advocate and World Naked Bike Ride organiser of many years, said she was looking forward to the days when cycling conditions in Golden Bay are improved.

To date, there are still no cycleways on any roads in the area.

Davis said she had stepped aside as organiser because she found it “useless” lobbying to roading authorities who were resistant to addressing the issue.

“It would be great to see someone new managing transport in Golden Bay, with a better understanding of the Bay’s transport needs,” she said.

Davis said the worldwide event was meant to be a “fun-loving way of making a point, or two.”

Πηγή: World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay draws nude protesters |


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