Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Naked horseman gallops into well-dressed town

With almost nothing newsy happening in Goulburn 100 years ago this week the Goulburn Evening Penny Post was glad to publish (on page one!) this blockbuster yarn from Forbes.

“PONY’S NAKED RIDER. The people of Forbes were startled recently when a pony carrying a naked rider raced down the main street and pulled up at the Town Hall.

“It appears that the rider, a lad named Joseph Sly, was bathing in a dam just near the Forbes railway station, when another boy named Girdham made his appearance. The latter was mounted on a stylish chestnut pony, and the rider removed the saddle and bridle and commenced to do circus tricks.

” ‘I can do that, said Sly. ‘Well, come and have a try,’ replied Girdham.

“As soon as Sly was comfortably seated the pony forgot all about circus tricks and bolted with the naked boy hanging on for all he was worth.

“There was a crowd of people at the post office waiting for the mail, and it was the busiest part of the day. People did not know what had happened, and it was thought at the time that time boy was one of a swimming party in difficulties and was riding for assistance.

“The pony pulled up Sly jumped off and made away down the back streets as fast as his legs would carry him. He did not stop running until he reached the swimming hole and got into his clothes. Then he ran home. He has not been seen since.”

Πηγή: Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Naked horseman gallops into well-dressed town

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